Chronic Pain

Matt Kinal

Keith James Physiotherapy Clinics now run a chronic pain service at our clinic in Clifton. The service is run by Matt Kinal, who is a Chartered Physiotherapist and a Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner (SIRPA). The service is based on the premise that often real or perceived stress can manifest itself as pain. The brain uses normal nerve pathways in this process, so medical diagnostic tests are often normal. The symptoms themselves are very real and may occur anywhere in the body, sometimes lasting for years. They may be mild, or be severe enough to cause major disability. The service works by helping people to recognise and understand the underlying causes of their pain, and to help them move on with their lives.

If you have been suffering with chronic pain, or would like further information about stress illness, then please contact the clinic on 0117 330 6820.

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