Do you have pain in your Achilles whilst running?


Physiotherapy Update – Achilles Tendinopathy (Tendonitis)

Do you have pain in your Achilles whilst running? Then we can help!

Please read below and see how physiotherapy can help you get back on your feet.

Achilles tendonitis is a common injury, and most often found in people who engage in sports that involve running. Although tendonitis can affect people of all ages, it is most prevalent in males over 35 years old.

Most injuries are linked to overloading or overuse of the tendon through excessive activity or biomechanical factors such as tight calf muscles, over pronation (rolling in) of the foot or poor gluteal muscle function (that’s your bum muscles). Once the overload occurs, it leads to swelling and micro trauma within the tendon fibres and as the tendon attempts to heal it leads to formation of new blood vessels and nerve sprouting, which can lead to pain.

How can physiotherapy help? – The general focus of treatment is to reduce the load on the Achilles, to strengthen the calf and to improve the tendon so that it is able to cope better when you return to activity.

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