Keith’s Marathon Update

Keith after the marathon


Pictured is Keith after the marathon!

Just a quick note from me to let you know that I did manage to complete the full marathon!

It was a spectacular day and an amazing event organised magnificently, in a beautiful city with quite breath-taking support. Apart from a couple of underpasses, there were people cheering the whole length of the race.

I saw some amazing costumes; I ran past a women doing the run in red stiletto, a man doing it in a mankini and of course a few Rhino’s! Luckily I was not overtaken by any of these!

I have so far raised £2,300 (through and in clinic) for “Make a Wish” and £500 for my god daughter Megan’s artificial limb. Her Dad Ray (my oldest and best mate) is ordering the proper, all whistles and bells suction leg this week, and this will make her life a whole lot better and make her feel a whole lot more normal.

A big thank you for your kind words and support, and of course all your very generous donations. As I said previously “Make a Wish” gave Megan and her family the help, time and respite they needed to get all of their lives back on track.

I came in with a time of 4 hours 47 minutes, 20 minutes slower than my previous marathon time in Edinburgh, but a badly timed toilet stop meant I lost my place in the start line up and had to go off with a slower pen of runners. Never mind, it’s not about me, it’s about raising money for two very special causes.

A big thank you once again.

Best wishes – Keith

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