New to running? 4 reasons to see a physio first


Are you new to running or returning after a long break? Do you have a race in your sights or do you just want to get fit? Whatever your reasons for lacing up your trainers and hitting the tarmac, it’s worth visiting your physio before you get going… and here’s why:

We’ll check your biomechanics
This helps you understand how your body moves and how small changes can be made to your running style to help you run more effectively and help keep you injury free.

We’ll check your shoes
A good pair of running shoes is crucial. By identifying your running style, we can help you choose the right shoes for you – and this can make all the difference.

We’ll suggest specific stretches and strengthening exercises
By identifying any problem areas beforehand, tailor-made stretches and strengthening exercises can help to avoid tightness and prevent injury during or after running.

We’ll help you build up mileage and pacing
Going out too fast or too hard can not only cause injury but also demotivate you. Knowing the right pacing can help keep you motivated and healthy.

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