The spring season and the liver

Lynne Pretty

The spring season, almost upon us now, is associated with the liver and gall bladder. The season when all vegetation begins to grow, and our natural energy will increase as the days become lighter and longer.

The liver ensures that our Qi (energy) flows smoothly. Our ability to organise, plan and make decisions is related to the well-being of this organ. On the emotional side, the liver gives us the capacity to be appropriately assertive to have structures and boundaries, which enable us to grow and develop.

Some symptoms we might experience when our liver is out of sync are:

Muscle tension,  held in feelings,  repressed anger,  depression,  moodiness,  feeling emotionally overwhelmed,  allergies,  tightness in the chest which may manifest as breathing difficulties,  discomfort under the ribs,  tiredness,  dry skin,  dizziness,  poor sleep,  menstrual irregularities and a lack of courage and initiative.

In my acupuncture practise, l use a wonderful point known as liver 3, which benefits everyone. It is a great stress reliever and produces a wonderful calmness; it helps to clarify our problems and to unfold our day-to-day longer-term plans. What are you waiting for?

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