Peter Coniglio

Areas of expertise: Personal Training
Available at: Westbury Park

Hi I’m a Bristol based trainer that has been involved in the teaching of sport, exercise and health for over 25 years. I’m a registered specialist exercise instructor, health coach and performance tennis coach. I’m also the developer of ‘Health Ageing – 50+ Fitness Programme’, ‘Optimise Back Health’ and ‘Pain Free Tennis’. I uses a multi-modal approach; which means I draw from the best of a wide variety of techniques to meet your needs. These techniques include Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Russian Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, Soft-Tissue Therapy, Nordic Walking, The Prague Rehabilitation School (DNS), Paul Chek Holistic Health and much much more. The complexity of the human mind/body is still poorly understood that is why despite my 25 years experience I’m constantly still evolving and updating my skills so I can continue to offer the best of what is currently known.