Our Physio Gareth is is running the London Marathon to raise funds for Children with Cancer UK

Our amazing Physio Gareth is running the London Marathon in October and we would love it if you could join us in supporting him in raising funds for the charity Children with Cancer UK. Gareth explains his motivation for this fundraising challenge on his  ‘Just Giving’ page:

“I will be running in memory of my father who sadly passed away 3 years ago from a melanoma that metastasized in his brain. Upon diagnosis he was told he had only 6 months left to live. Losing a family member is the hardest thing one can experience and having a time limit on life makes you cherish every second.

Having been through this and experiencing the devastation a loss brings to a family, I am honoured to be raising funds for Children with Cancer UK, where they actively raise and invest money for vital specialist research to save the lives of every child with cancer and to keep their family together. 

My hope is that I can contribute to help loved ones get more time together and with research that can result in better outcomes for many.”

Gareth would be delighted if you were able to support him and the Children with Cancer charity by donating. Your money will help fund research, support families and raise awareness. Even a small donation helps (see below). To visit Gareth’s ‘Just Giving’ page click here. Alternatively, you can make a donation at the clinic. Thank you so much for you support.

£5 – Fund laboratory equipment as part of vital research into the biology of childhood leukaemia.

£10 –  Fund research into understanding the genetics of heart failure after treatment for childhood cancer.

£25 – Help fund essential blood tests to monitor the effectiveness of therapy in a ground-breaking immunotherapy trial for children with relapsed leukaemia.

£50 – Help purchase laboratory equipment to support development of scientific techniques for the treatment of children with chemotherapy- resistant sarcomas.

£100 – Fund a week’s supply of the day-to-day research equipment for the development of a supply of donated ‘ready to go’ cells, for transfusion into young patients.

£250 – Fund the development of new MRI scanning techniques for more accurate diagnosis of young patients with specific brain tumours.