PT Tips: Beware the summer shoe

In the summer month’s we certainly see an increase in the number of ladies who visit the the clinic with foot, ankle, shin and calf pain.

One of the reasons is the change from enclosed shoes in the cooler months to flipflops and strappy sandals when the weather warms up. Although very appropriate for warmer weather (if we’re that lucky), these types of shoes give less control and stability to the foot and as a consequence muscles in the calf and foot have to work that little bit harder. This can lead to conditions like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma or just good old fashioned painful feet.

It may be entirely appropriate to wear summer shoes in summer but have a little think about your feet and try for at least some periods, to wear a more controlling pair of shoes interspersed with the flip flops.

If the problem is limiting you, pop in and have an assessment with one of the physio team.

PT Tips: Tone up for Tennis

If you’ve taken a battering on the court, our specialist massage therapist can help release and realign your body.

It’s that time of year again; the sun is shining, there is an abundance of fresh Strawberries and Cream and of course Tennis. Now we aren’t all lucky enough to play at Queens Club but our massage therapists can help you improve your muscle flexibility and work out any aches and pain to get you back on the court. Sports massage helps release, realign and re-balance the muscles and ligaments of the body and help relieve pain or discomfort caused by over use. Regular massage can also help to prevent injuries on the court.

PT Tips: Sports Injuries

Looking to get back on the pitch after an injury? We help athletes get back to match fitness using our multidimensional approach.

You don’t have to be a professional to get injured but you can get treated like one. We can help any age or level of fitness to keep you enjoying the sports you love. We take a tailored, patient focused approach using massage, electrotherapy, and specific exercises to improve your strength, balance and flexibility and help you return to pre-injury fitness.