Natasha Abercrombie

Natasha received her Level 5 Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy qualification in 2015 from the London School of Sports Massage. She also has extensive Pilates training with Body Control Pilates including matwork, reformer and the Cadillac.

Natasha discovered her passion for therapeutic modalities after becoming injured during her dance degree. She found that massage soothed the discomfort and pain, enabling her to move with more ease and that Pilates was the one form of exercise she could do without exacerbating the symptoms. She began to realise her strength and performance both mentally and physically had improved dramatically. Understanding that integrating self care into sporting/busy hectic lifestyles is key for preventing injury, reducing tension and stress and generally feeling a bit/a lot happier.

Natasha uses a range of soft tissue techniques, to help reduce pain, release tension, aid circulation, improve injury recovery, prevent injury, inhibit the formation of scar tissue and increase freedom of movement.

…and if she has time when she’s not studying for her Osteopathy degree she enjoys the great outdoors; camping, surfing, swimming, netball, skiing and snowboarding.