Celebrating 30 years of Keith James Physiotherapy

2nd July 2021 is a special date for us. This is the date that marks 30 years of Keith James Physiotherapy.

It was back in 1991, when Keith was working as an NHS Physiotherapist at Southmead Hospital, that he was offered the opportunity to do some work at a Physiotherapy Clinic based at Redland Tennis Club. As this work developed, Keith was invited to take over the business from the previous owner and Bristol Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic became Keith James Physiotherapy.

As well as running his own Physiotherapy Clinic, Keith has also worked as Physiotherapist for two local sports teams – Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby.

Since 1991, the business has gone from strength to strength and, needing more space, Keith James Physiotherapy moved to the present premises on Coldharbour Road in 2001. This has enabled the development of a multidisciplinary team that includes Physiotherapists of various specialities (MSK, Neurophysiological, Respiratory, Orthopaedic), Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers, a Podiatrist, and an Acupuncturist.

Today, we take a moment to celebrate the achievements of Keith and all the colleagues who have worked with him over the last 30 years. The KJP team are always striving to deliver a great service to the many patients who come to see them with aches, pains, and injuries. We look forward to more years of providing our patients with the high standard of treatment that comes from 30 years of expertise in Physiotherapy.

If you would like to see one of our therapists, please call (0117) 330 6820 or visit www.keithjamesphysiotherapy.co.uk to book online.